Boiler auxiliary machine and accessories

   The boiler auxiliary machine refers to the auxiliary equipment of the boiler, which is a relatively general concept. The auxiliary engines of oil-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers and coal-fired boilers are not the same, and there are also differences in the auxiliary machines of steam boiler and hot water boilers. In general, common boiler auxiliary machines and accessories include burners (oil burners, gas burners, oil and gas burners for oil and gas boilers), coal feeders, boiler water treatment equipment, pumps, meters, valves, economizer, condenser, blower, induced draft fan, dust collector, chimney, etc.TndHorizontal boiler

cfb boilerTndHorizontal boiler


  Use to recover some heat being carrying by exhaust flue gases. Heat recovered is utilized in raising the temperature of the feed water. Feed water at raised temperature is supplied to the boiler, thus less heat is required for conversion into steam.TndHorizontal boiler

  Air Preheater

  Used to recover heat from the exhaust flue. It installed in between the economizer and chimney. Temperature of the required air for combustion is passed through the air preheater where its temperature is raised. Then hot air passed to the furnace.TndHorizontal boiler


  The function of the superheater is to remove the last traces of moisture from the saturated steam coming out of boiler and to increase its temperature sufficiently above saturation temperature. The superheating raises overall cycle efficiency as well as avoids too much condensation in the last stages of the turbine (below 12%) which avoids the blade erosion.TndHorizontal boiler

  An air cock

  An air cock is located in the uppermost steam space of a boiler. This design allows for air to enter and escape during filling and draining of the boiler.TndHorizontal boiler

  Chimneys, Draft Fans, Breechings

  Chimneys are necessary for discharging the products of combustion at an elevation high enough to comply and to prevent a nuisance because of low-flying smoke, soot, and ash. The forced draft fan forces air through the fuel bed, or fuel oil burner, and into the furnace to supply air for combustion. The induced draft fan draws gases through the setting, thus facilitating their removal through the stack. Breechings are used to connect the boiler to the stack.TndHorizontal boiler

  Safety valve

  The safety valve is is designed to open automatically to prevent pressure in the boiler from increasing beyond the safe operating limit. Each boiler has at least one safety valve.TndHorizontal boiler

  Feed Pump

  The function of feed pump is to feed water to the boiler at the pressure at which steam generation takes place. It is generally of three type’s i.e. centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump and injectors.TndHorizontal boiler

  Steam injector

  A steam injector is used to feed the water into the boiler shell with the help of the jet of the steam. The steam used for this purpose is the exhaust steam from a steam engine.TndHorizontal boiler

Boiler auxiliary machine and accessoriesTndHorizontal boiler

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