Blast Furnace Gas boiler install in Asia

BFG Boiler Project Guide: 130t/h Blast Furnace Gas Boiler install in Asia, BFG boiler is the first boiler island project undertaken by ZG Boiler-BFG boiler manufacturer.WJBHorizontal boiler
Estimate install date: At the end of Dec. 2015WJBHorizontal boiler
Estimate Running date: Jan. 2017WJBHorizontal boiler

Blast Furnace Gas boiler install in AsiaWJBHorizontal boiler

130t/h BFG boiler background:

Asia 130t/h BFG boiler is the first boiler island project undertaken by ZG Boiler. After that, ZG obtained great success in industrial power plant of large-size steelworks, such as 110t CFB boiler for Paper Mill in India, and 100ton CFB boiler in Korea etc works, This BFG boiler is capable of peak adjustment under basic and varying load, can adapt to the in stable characteristic (eg. heat value, pressure, flow rate) of fuel gas like blast furnace gas, and has favorable adjusting performance under varying cases. The type of boiler is widely applied in metallurgic industrial field with around 60 units of sales performance till now.WJBHorizontal boiler

The Main Advantage of BFG Boiler Technique:

     (1) Dry Wet investment is only 70% of investment, investment;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (2) the construction of speed;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (3) covers an area of less than 50% of the wet process, saving space;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (4) the use of nitrogen pulse cleaning technology, cleaning effect, no gas leak;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (5) is provided with heating and cooling device to ensure the safe operation of the bag;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (6) Basic does not consume fresh water, tons of iron water-saving 0.7 ~ 0.8m3;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (7) Power consumption, energy-saving effect is obvious;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (8) The clean gas dust content <3mg / Nm3, environmentally friendly;WJBHorizontal boiler
     (9) Net net gas temperatures than wet gas temperature, dry-wet TRT TRT more power than 1/3, energy saving effect is obvious.WJBHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Blast Furnace Gas boiler install in Asia?

A: We need know the details of Blast Furnace Gas boiler install in Asia, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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