Benefits of horizontal biomass boiler system

What are the benefits of biomass boiler system? Should I get a biomass system?

There have many benefits with building a horizontal biomass boiler system in industry: Biomass boilers offer fantastic financial benefits, fantastic efficiency,Biomass boilers integrate with other heating systems and biomass is good for local business. We summed up details as follows:TG5Horizontal boiler

1.Biomass boilers offer fantastic financial benefits

The initial price, in the region of £11,000 for a fully automatic boiler or £4,000 for a manual boiler can be redeemed at around £600 a year on average, if replacing an electric heating system. Don’t forget you may be eligible to receive payments from government schemes and initiatives. Biomass fuel prices are much more stable than that of fossil fuel and generally much lower. With a biomass boiler system you can help protect yourself against Fossil fuel and electricity price appreciation.TG5Horizontal boiler

Buying biomass fuel in small amounts may prove expensive so having a large storage facility that can hold several tonnes can significantly lower your fuel expenses.TG5Horizontal boiler

2.Biomass boilers offer fantastic efficiency

Modern biomass combustion systems are highly sophisticated, offering combustion efficiency and emission levels comparable with the best fossil fuel boilers. Using modern technology they can currently operate at 90% efficiency which is vastly higher than conventional boilers and electric heating systems. Like heat pumps and other renewable heating sources their efficiency also depends on how energy efficient your property is. The type of system you use, its flue and the air flow around the boiler are all aspects to consider as well. Most properties will benefit from additional energy efficiency work before the biomass boiler system is installed.TG5Horizontal boiler

Biomass boilers are efficient because they do not waste fuel and heat, ash can be disposed of easily and the CO2 that is created through the combustion process is equal to that consumed by the tree / plant matter or that would be released by the rotting matter after its natural expiration.TG5Horizontal boiler

To get the best from your biomass boiler you should make sure you get a long standing company with a good reputation, preferably a company that specializes in this type of renewable energy source.TG5Horizontal boiler

3.Biomass is good for local business

Biomass can be sourced from within the UK. This offers security of supply but also cuts down on the emissions caused by transporting fuels from abroad. Sourcing fuel locally can also help local and national businesses.TG5Horizontal boiler

benefit of biomass boilerTG5Horizontal boiler

Biomass boiler systemTG5Horizontal boiler

4.Biomass boilers integrate with other heating systems

Biomass boilers can completely replace existing fossil fuel (gas, oil, LPG) boilers and provide all your space, under floor and water heating requirements but can also be integrated with a solid fuel boiler, gas fired boiler or wood fire boiler. Assuming that Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are fitted, then the TRV will shut off as the room is warmed up by the biomass heating system. Many people prefer this type of warmth to that of a radiator as it is considered to be more ‘cosy’. You should ensure that your fire is installed by a competent person as this is a legal requirement and should ensure the installation is safe.TG5Horizontal boiler

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