Automatic small size coal feeding boiler for sale

Product description: DZL series single-drum type fast-assembled coal fired steam/water boilerZHuHorizontal boiler

Coal feeding boiler also named coal fired boilers. ZG provide automatic small size coal feeding boiler for sale export worldwide. Automatic coal feeding boilers is DZL series single drum fast-assembly boiler. ZG Boiler will supplier of you automatic coal feeding steam boilers, and coal fired hot water boilers.ZHuHorizontal boiler

DZL automatic coal feeding boilers structure:

DZL series is horizontal boiler with water and fire tube boiler, in which there are corrugated gas tubes with function of high-efficiency heat transferring. On both sides of the furnace, there are bare-tube water wall. The tube hole from which the water wall enters the boiler drum is radial hole, and the governing box is installed on the right side of the boiler. The water inlet and outlet tubes of the economizer, the valves and the operation of boiler fire poking are all on the right side. The coaling gear is installed in front of the boiler. The blower, induced fan and dust-removing devices should be installed outdoor. The boiler blow-down can be divided into rear discharge, the left header blow-down and the right header blow-down. The combustion equipment is the light chain grate, which is mechanical coal feeding, the incomplete mechanical combustion loss is low.ZHuHorizontal boiler

DZL coal feeding boilerZHuHorizontal boiler
DZL coal feeding water tube boilerZHuHorizontal boiler

DZL Automatic small size coal feeding boiler_副本.jpgZHuHorizontal boiler

DZL series automatic coal feeding boiler diagramZHuHorizontal boiler
Product features:ZHuHorizontal boiler
1.High mechanization: the operation of coal feeding and ash exhaust is mechanized, which reduces the labor intensity of the boiler operators ZHuHorizontal boiler
2.Easy installation, low construction investment. When the boiler is shipped to the field, only after installment of the valve pipes, gas tubes of blower and induced fan, and water and electricity, it can be put into operation ZHuHorizontal boiler
3.Compact structure, small size, complete transportation, rapid firing up, and so on ZHuHorizontal boiler
4.Wide combustion coal adaptability: (bituminous coal Ⅱ:low calorific value QyDW7>18760kg, Vr≥20%). When the rear arch is slightly modified, bituminous coal Ⅲ and meager coal can also be used. ZHuHorizontal boiler
5.Complete transportation, rapid firing up.ZHuHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Automatic small size coal feeding boiler for sale?

A: We need know the details of Automatic small size coal feeding boiler for sale, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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