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ZG is an autoclave steam sterilizer manufacturers in China with 70 years experience since 1945. But, some people cannot understand autoclave steam sterilizer very well. Usually autoclave can be match with horizontal steam boilers. Now, we will talking about what is autoclave steam sterilizer.NipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave steam sterilizer NipHorizontal boiler

NipHorizontal boiler

NipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave steam sterilizerNipHorizontal boiler

 NipHorizontal boiler

What is Autoclave?

Autoclave kettle is also named as steaming kettle, is large pressure container by steaming the aerated concrete, sand lime brick and coal-dust brick, achieving the Cao Si02H2O reaction of water and heat in the autoclave. But also widely used in other production projects which need pressure to steaming production process . Such as: super-strength gypsum, insulation materials, rubber products, high strength glass and cement tubular pile and wood, medicine, chemical industry, etc. Our company can also design and manufacture various forms of autoclave according to customer's requirements. to meet the needs of the users' multiple purposes. This kettle is with for steel horizontal cylinder device, the kettle cover suppressed by using the whole stone axe 16 MnR steel plate. Kettle cover flange, kettle body flange processed by adopting 16 Mn overall forging. Pressure welding seam parts are progressed heat treatment and strict nondestructive testing according to related standards.NipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave in factoryNipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave in factoryNipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave Steam Sterilization Cycles

Autoclave efficacy is highly dependent on time, temperature of autoclave, and pressure of autoclave, and these parameters can be manipulated and optimized to create specific sterilization cycles for each application. To help your facility get the most out of your autoclave, we introduce the sixth article in our Steam Sterilization Cycles series: The F0Cycle (pronounced f-sub-zero or f-sub-oh).NipHorizontal boiler

AAC autoclave for saleNipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave working siteNipHorizontal boiler

The F0 Cycle is especially useful for sterilizing large liquid volumes with, say, greater than 1 Liter of fluid. The term “F0 ” is defined as the number of equivalent minutes of steam sterilization at 250°F (121°C) delivered to a load (product)1. For example, if a cycle has an F0 value of 12, the sterilization effectiveness of that cycle is equal to 12 minutes at 250°F (121°C) regardless of the process temperature and time used in the cycle.NipHorizontal boiler
NipHorizontal boiler
Note: The theory and equations behind the F0 Cycle can be a bit intimidating to some readers and they go beyond the scope of this blog; however, we will do our best to explain just the important facts regarding the F0Cycle.NipHorizontal boiler

Autoclave steam sterilizer manufacturer:

ZG as autoclave steam sterilizer manufacturer(supplier) has export autoclave for aac block in Hyderabad India. For next time, we will discuss advantages of steam autoclave sterilization. Thanks for your attention. Service email: [email protected]NipHorizontal boiler

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A: We need know the details of Autoclave steam sterilizer manufacturers, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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