what industries use steam boilers

   More than 50% of industrial boilers are used in all major industrial sectors. Industries that require a lot of heat in industrial production, including textile industry, energy industry, building materials, construction, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, transportation and militaryJezHorizontal boiler

what industries use steam boilersJezHorizontal boiler

  1. The light industrial textile industry is a major energy consumer, and the textile industry is also developing towards centralized heating and cogeneration, and the demand for boilers suitable for the printing and dyeing industry is growing.JezHorizontal boiler

  2. The sugar industry has continuously increased the requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction. The boiler mainly uses the medium pressure industrial boiler with differential pressure power generation of 15t/h or more and supplies more steam-using biomass waste, such as bagasse.JezHorizontal boiler

  3. The demand for boilers in the paper industry is also growing. The waste heat recovery and utilization in the papermaking process, paper sludge drying, solid waste treatment and biomass resource utilization will be further improved. The boilers will still be mainly based on cogeneration. Black liquor boilers are mostly 25-75t/h medium-pressure cogeneration boiler products.JezHorizontal boiler

  4. The energy and chemical industries are also major users of industrial boilers. Oil mining, refining, ammonia, ethylene, rubber and caustic soda industries require a variety of industrial boilers, including start-up auxiliary boilers, process waste heat boilers, oil field steam injection boilers and self-supplied thermal power station boilers.JezHorizontal boiler

  5. The metallurgical industry is dominated by steel production, including non-ferrous metals, coke and refractory materials. The demand for boilers is mainly based on waste heat boilers and cogeneration products.JezHorizontal boiler

  6. The building materials industry is dominated by cement and includes the production of glass, asbestos and cement products.JezHorizontal boiler

  7. Heating and hot water supply in schools, dormitories, hotels, etc. cannot be separated from the use of boilers.JezHorizontal boiler

  8. Other industries: such as greenhouse cultivation, aquaculture industryJezHorizontal boiler

  9. Thermal power industry, thermal companyJezHorizontal boiler

  In the future, the development of the industrial boiler product market will be affected by factors such as the development speed of the national economy and the scale of investment, and will be increasingly constrained by energy policies and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Therefore, efficient, energy-saving and low-pollution industrial boilers using clean fuels and corresponding technologies will be the trend of product development.JezHorizontal boiler

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