Water boiler for hotels

ZG Boiler continues to lead in the field of high temperature hot water boiler for hotels. We have installed high temperature horizontalhot water boiler (units) for hotels since 1945. The water boiler for hotels design provides maximum efficiency and exceptional fuel cost savings. The ZG Boiler is suited for several industrial applications including, airports, universities, hospitals, government installations, military bases,industry, and more!YqtHorizontal boiler

Water boiler for hotels:

ZG Boiler a China supplier of water boilers with stable performance modules furnace. The heating area is larger which suitable for shopping malls, hotels and other places. Hot water boiler design is mainly aimed at the large hotels. The earliest boiler which fired by coal or gas, the heating effect is pretty good, but since started to energy conservation and emissions reduction, the government reduce the use of coal-fired boiler. ZG water boiler can meet a building area of 500-4000 square meters. Here is the water boiler supplier Malaysia for reference.YqtHorizontal boiler

water boiler for hotelsYqtHorizontal boiler

 High efficiency water Boiler for hotel advantages:

Efficient mute burner: high efficiency stainless steel grate combustion, forced burning, burning mute no vibration, guarantee the quiet environment, suitable for various installation site.Use 20 municipal mbar standard low pressure gas boiler, without independent part of the city construction, reduce line investment, save engineering cost.YqtHorizontal boiler

• High Temperature DifferentialsYqtHorizontal boiler
• No Thermal ShockingYqtHorizontal boiler
• Low MaintenanceYqtHorizontal boiler
• High EfficiencyYqtHorizontal boiler
• Closed Loop SystemYqtHorizontal boiler
• Low Pressure DropsYqtHorizontal boiler
• Compact DesignYqtHorizontal boiler
• Safe OperationYqtHorizontal boiler
• Minimum Water TreatmentYqtHorizontal boiler
• Proven DesignYqtHorizontal boiler
• Low NOx EmissionsYqtHorizontal boiler

 Water boiler special features:

1.Large furnace volume & grate area for complete combustion.YqtHorizontal boiler
2.High heat transfer area giving longer heater life.YqtHorizontal boiler
3.Robust & reliable components with minimum maintenance for fans, pump & controls.YqtHorizontal boiler
4.Cyclone separator is provided as a dust collector to clean the outgoing flue gases.YqtHorizontal boiler
5.Heat recovery unit; combustion air pre heater is provided as optional accessory to recover maximum possible waste heat from flue gases & increase the overall efficiency of the heater.YqtHorizontal boiler
6.Mechanized fuel feeding systems can be offered for specific requirement of customer.YqtHorizontal boiler
7.Powder coated, well lit control panel with systematic wiring layout with tag nos. etc. for easy trouble shooting as well as better life in industrial environment.YqtHorizontal boiler
8.Prompt & reliable after sale services with “customer first” attitude.YqtHorizontal boiler

ZG Boiler has the largest inventory of low and high temperature hot water boilers for sale in the worldwide. If you need a hot water generator or industrial hot water boiler for hotel or other demand, you can contact us for water boiler quotation or price list.YqtHorizontal boiler

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Why choose ZG boiler products?

We have a professional installation and after-sales staff,
We have the largest factories and production capacity,
We have a professional sales and service team.

Q: How much the price of Water boiler for hotels?

A: We need know the details of Water boiler for hotels, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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