Waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration

Waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration is more and more popular for industries where need power and high temperature steam. uilising on-site resources such as wasted heat, the kind we see escaping from industrial smoke stacks in urban skies, has up until recently, been very costly and complicated. As a waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration export, ZG start from 1945 with a rich experience on waste heat recovery boiler project. The waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration technology is also relevant to electricity generation in steam pressure let down systems, energy recovery indirectly in geothermal applications with high pressure and temperature water and intermediate/bottoming energy recovery from steam cycles.UPNHorizontal boiler

waste heat recovery for industry cogenerationUPNHorizontal boiler

waste heat recovery for industry cogenerationUPNHorizontal boiler

Cogeneration( CHP):UPNHorizontal boiler

Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a sister technology to waste heat recovery (WHR) and sees the generation of both and heat and power from a single fuel source to drive the economic recovery through industry. Waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration refers to both the production of electric power plants, and use the power of the steam turbine generator did the user heating mode of production that simultaneously produce electricity, process heat, respectively, compared to the production of electricity, heat mode saves fuel. Combined heat and power(CHP) running with waste heat recovery boiler. External heat source is adjusted extraction steam extraction turbine , the back pressure is usually divided into 0.78 to 1.28 Mpa and 0.12 ~ 0.25Mpa. The former pressure is for industrial production, the latter if for civil heating. Cogeneration of steam have no cold source loss, so the thermal efficiency can be increased to 85%, is much higher than condensing unit.UPNHorizontal boiler


(1) Steam does not provide heat after buck or pressure reduction , but first generation to give power, followed by steam extraction or exhaust meet heat resource and cooling needs which can improve energy efficiencyUPNHorizontal boiler
(2) Increasing the back-pressure machine load factor, increased generating units and reduce condensation losses, reduce coal consumption;UPNHorizontal boiler
(3) Make ensure the production process, improve the quality of life and reduce employees, improve labor productivity; instead of the number of large, multi-type dispersion of air conditioning, improve environmental landscape, avoid the "heat island" phenomenonUPNHorizontal boiler

Cogeneration working principle:

Cogeneration working principle, First is for power generation, then the balance are using for providing steam heat for some kind of industrial processes as well as into industrial electric hair process, the remaining electricity sold to the grid.UPNHorizontal boiler

Cogeneration UPNHorizontal boiler

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)UPNHorizontal boiler


Waste heat recovery for medium-temperature process industries cogeneration:UPNHorizontal boiler
a.Food industry, UPNHorizontal boiler
b.paper industry, UPNHorizontal boiler
c.chemicals, UPNHorizontal boiler
d.aquaculture, UPNHorizontal boiler
e.agriculture etc.UPNHorizontal boiler
An application example of Denmark, the waste heat from waste heat recovery boiler is used to heat the greenhouse to plant flowersUPNHorizontal boiler

Who we are?

ZG Boiler is focus on the different industrial horizontal boilers. The company is committed to operate to the best international standards of Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment that define it as a leading and progressive organisation operating within the ‘Waste Heat to Energy’ sector.UPNHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration?

A: We need know the details of Waste heat recovery for industry cogeneration, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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