Waste heat recovery boiler for Sulfuric acid

Owing to different procedures of different acid making approaches, the waste heat boilers developed by ZG Boiler and applied in recycling of sulfuric acid waste heat and power generation project include waste heat boiler for petroleum coke calcination and waste heat boiler for cogeneration. The structures of boiler include fire-tube type and water-tube type.iikHorizontal boiler

waste heat recovery boiler for Sulfuric acidiikHorizontal boiler

Sulfuric acid waste heat boileriikHorizontal boiler

The main circulation modes of water in boiler are natural circulation and forced circulation. according to the fact that the flue gas of sulfuric acid making is characterize by high side positive pressure and low dust content, the sulfuric acid making mainly adopts fire-tube type, which has features such as good flue gas sealing property, compact conformation and convenient installation. In Light with the fact that the flue gas of pyrite acid making is characterized by low side negative pressure and high dust content, pyrite acid making mainly adopts water-tube type, which has the features of abrasion resistance, soot deposit resistance, and good low-temperature dew point corrosion. The operation of this series of boiler is reliable and safe; it is well received by user, thus ideal equipment of energy of energy saving for enterprises.iikHorizontal boiler

Sulfuric acid waste heat boiler for sale

The global annual production of sulfuric acid is about 200 million tons. Sulfuric acid is used in almost all chemical processes directly or indirectly. With ZG waste heat recovery boiler plants the waste heat from the sulfuric furnace will be used to produce process steam for heat supply and/or power generation.iikHorizontal boiler

Power spectrum:

a.Flue Gas: up to 250.000 Nm³/hiikHorizontal boiler
b.S.H. steam generated: up to 200 t/hiikHorizontal boiler
c.S.H. steam temperature: up to 1000/1450°CiikHorizontal boiler

Boiler technology:

a.Natural-circulation boiler iikHorizontal boiler
b.Membrane wall / water tube boiler HRSBiikHorizontal boiler

Customized Service of HRSB

According to customer’s waste heat type, ZG Boiler provide customized design for the waste heat recovery boiler project and help factory save the largest cost. Customer should provide waste gas component analysis and heat recovery boiler requirement for us.iikHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Waste heat recovery boiler for Sulfuric acid?

A: We need know the details of Waste heat recovery boiler for Sulfuric acid, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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