Steam boiler for textile industry in Indonesia

Steam boiler In Indonesia textile industry are more and more popular in recent years. The world’s fourth most populated country-an attractive market for textiles and clothing. So, with more and more Indonesia industry developing, steam boilers have a good market in Indonesia market.c4YHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler for textile industry in Indonesiac4YHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler for textile industry in Indonesiac4YHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler briefly introduction:

Steam boilers are divided into fire tube steam boiler and watertube steam boiler. And also have fire tube steam boilers and fire tube hot water boilers. Fire tube steam boilers are made up of a horizontal boiler outer shell which contains the water to be heated. Long horizontal ‘fire tubes’ pass through the boiler carrying the hot combustion gases through the body of water within the boiler shell. The heat passes from the inside of the fire tube to the water on the outside of the tube. The water is heated, and the pressure is contained within the boiler shell. There may be several passes of parallel tubes as the gases wind their way from the firebox back and forth to the boiler flue gas outlet and stack.c4YHorizontal boiler

textile industry in Indonesia.jpgc4YHorizontal boiler

Textile industry in Indonesiac4YHorizontal boiler

Indonesia’s Textile and Clothing Industry:

Many of Indonesia’s largest listed textile and garment manufacturers have been active in raising funds through the capital markets for investment into new plantsc4YHorizontal boiler
Encompassing the production of fabric, apparel and leatherwear, Indonesia’s textile and clothing industry provided some 1.1 million jobs in 2012, according to the National Statistics Agency (BPS), making it one of the most important elements of the country’s manufacturing sector. It accounted for almost 2% of national GDP and more than 7% of the country’s total exports in 2013. The industry is still concentrated near the capital Jakarta in the western end of Java Island, but central and eastern Java are becoming increasingly important.c4YHorizontal boiler

Textiles, garments, leather products and footwear:c4YHorizontal boiler

textile industry situation in Indonesia.gifc4YHorizontal boiler

Textile industry situation in Indonesiac4YHorizontal boiler

Local textile producers depend almost entirely on imported cotton, since domestic farmers are unable to satisfy even 1% of national demand. This makes yarn spinners vulnerable to the fluctuating global prices and has forced a number of small businesses to close up shop, though larger ones are in a stronger position thanks to their greater stockpiling ability and better access to capital. Cotton is sourced from a range of countries – led by Brazil, the US and Australia – to be spun in Indonesia and then either exported as yarn or further processed into cloth and garments. The principle buyers of yarn from Indonesia are China and Japan, while textiles and textile products go mostly to the US, the EU and Japan.c4YHorizontal boiler

Horizontal textile boiler manufacturer in China

Horizontal steam boiler manufacturer for textile industry in Indonesia, ZG engaged in industrial boiler for 7 decades since 1945 with rich boiler experience, like boiler installation, boiler maintenance, boiler operation etc. Until now, ZG has export more than 100 country and areas like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Poland, Jamaica, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.c4YHorizontal boiler

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