• Steam boiler for poultry feed image

    Steam boiler for poultry feed

    Poultry feed processing facilities use steam boiler to heat water and produce steam for process applications. In poultry feed processing plant, Steam boiler fuel can be: Sawdust, rice husk, cotton sta...

  • steam boiler for tannery production image

    steam boiler for tannery production

    Steam boiler for tannery production is necessary equipment, we supply gas fired, oil fired, biomass fired, and coal fired steam boiler for tannery production processing with capacity 1-35 ton. Steam(p...

  • Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plant image

    Palm shell steam boiler for palm oil plant

    Palm shell steam boiler is to use palm waste as fuel, specifically for palm oil plant with steam generated by heating and power plant for palm oil needs. According to palm oil plant needs, ZG supply 2...

  • Horizontal Boiler in dairy plant image

    Horizontal Boiler in dairy plant

    in the dairy processing plant, a central boiler is quite necessary to produce steam and hot water to sterilize, to make sure the safety of milk we drink. which kind of boiler is most popular in dairy ...

  • Horizontal Boiler in chemical plants image

    Horizontal Boiler in chemical plants

    ZG Boiler manufactures Waste Heat recovery boilers which are used in many areas of the chemical industry to recycle otherwise wasted heat and turn it into steam or hot water in the chemical manufactur...

  • Horizontal boiler in Textile plant image

    Horizontal boiler in Textile plant

    The textile industry uses large quantities of thermal from boilers. The textile plant steam boiler provides heat for the dyeing and drying of yard goods.We supply textile boiler with capacity 2-300 to...

  • Horizontal Boiler for greenhouse image

    Horizontal Boiler for greenhouse

    Greenhouses have very strict requirements of humidity and temperature control, which directly affect the the plants growth and earnings. ZG provides high efficient and reliable steam boilers and hot w...

  • Power Plant Boiler image

    Power Plant Boiler

    power plant boiler as one of the three main equipment in power plant, developing with the development of China's thermal power industry. ZG is a professional industrial power plant boiler manufacturer...

  • Horizontal Boiler for hospitals image

    Horizontal Boiler for hospitals

    Industrial boilers provide with steam or hot water used for many applications in hospitals, such as sterilization, humidification, heating and providing hot water. The fuel of boilers for hospital cou...

  • Horizontal Food Industry Boiler image

    Horizontal Food Industry Boiler

    Most food processing facilities have industrial steam boilers or hot water boilers for generating steam or hot water for processing, cooking, or sanitation. Coal, fuel oil, and natural gas are the maj...

  • Horizontal Boiler for heating image

    Horizontal Boiler for heating

    The central heating boiler is especially suitable for schools, department, hotels, public bathhouse and such projects with hot water supplies. Our boiler for heating are mainly WNS oil & gas fired bo...

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