How are boilers used in hospitals?

   As a heat source, steam is widely used in hospital disinfection, preparation, laundry, heating, air conditioning, bathing and other fields. Steam quality is directly related to medical safety. Boiler operation failure not only affects the normal operation of the hospital, but also poses a major threat to the safety of workers and patients. Hospitals and health care buildings have high energy demands. Boilers provide the hospital with steam or hot water for vital needs, such as space heating and a variety of process uses.GmKHorizontal boiler

How are boilers used in hospitalsGmKHorizontal boiler

  1. The function of hot water boiler in hospital

  When hot water leaves the boilers, the supply pump units drive it through the heat exchangers, transmitting heat to the air and to the sanitary water. The water then returns to the boiler by means of return pump units.GmKHorizontal boiler

  The hot water is used to supply heating requirements in certain areas of the hospital (patients’ rooms, operating theatres, and so on) by means of fan coils, and to heat sanitary water stored in tanks. In both cases, heat transfer is carried out through heat exchangersGmKHorizontal boiler

  2. Steam boiler in hospitals

  Healthcare facilities are generally intensive energy users compared with many other buildings, because of their specialized requirements for 24-hour working. Steam is used widely in many hospitals to provide hot water, space heating and sterilization services. There are good reasons for this. Steam is an efficient and controllable heating medium that is proven to be reliable, safe, flexible and sterile.GmKHorizontal boiler

  3. Hospital boiler recommended

  According to the difference in the total amount of steam and the time required to use steam according to the department using steam, scientific demonstration and reasonable selection of boilers are carried out. The steam peak and valley difference will be reasonably leveled to make the boiler reach full load continuously and improve the boiler operation efficiency. Minimize heat loss and fully absorb heat. To ensure the cleanliness of each heated surface, remove scale and ash in time, and operate the boiler at high efficiency.GmKHorizontal boiler

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