Horizontal steam boiler for slaughterhouse

Horizontal boiler manufacturer, ZG supply steam for slaughterhouse process.Technology used: Biomass fired system based on a biomass burner in a horizontal steam boiler. Installed in the slaughterhouse.5QYHorizontal boiler

Horizontal steam boiler to generate hot water & heating.5QYHorizontal boiler

Horizontal steam boiler for slaughterhouse5QYHorizontal boiler

Horizontal steam boiler for slaughterhouse

In the slaughterhouse of one of our customer were installed to provide energy for domestic hot water generation and heating by horizontal steam boilers.5QYHorizontal boiler

The slaughterhouse has opted for High-temperature heat pumps with the environmentally friendly and sustainable refrigerant CO₂ to gain energy for heating and hot water from horizontal steam boiler. Until now several gas-fired steam boilers provided for the entire heat supply. Since the end of 2011, the heat demand is covered for the most part with a new horizontal boiler system. The slaughterhouse, which was opened in 1955 and is located in the city center, is one of the most important meat factories in Switzerland. Nearly 500 people work on site. 5QYHorizontal boiler
Initial situation5QYHorizontal boiler
1.Municipal slaughterhouse in Switzerland.5QYHorizontal boiler
1.Heat supply classically via horizontal steam boiler system5QYHorizontal boiler
2.No utilization of existing low-temperature waste heat from refrigeration, sewage, compressed air generation5QYHorizontal boiler
3.Modernization of heat supply for reduction of primary energy use through the use of low temperature waste heat5QYHorizontal boiler
According to the announcement the heat pump system should heat up heating water to a high temperature (max. 80 °C), then reheating to 90 °C with steam5QYHorizontal boiler

Without conditions and restrictions more business benefits5QYHorizontal boiler
Also, the lower safety-relevant conditions compared to NH₃, the low noise emissions and, lust but not least, the low repair and maintenance costs argued. There was also a solution for the limited space available at the site, a container construction on the roof of the slaughterhouse: the machine, in standard design already compact, has been reduced in length by one meter.5QYHorizontal boiler
The use of horizontal steam boiler of the same type, each with four compressors, allows a fine performance gradation without loss in efficiency and load covering of still 66 % while failure of a machine. The use of the heat in the sewage flotation storage is discussed and prepared.5QYHorizontal boiler

Slaughterhouse horizontal steam boiler manufacturer

ZG as an slaughterhouse horizontal steam boiler manufacturer in China since 1945 with 70 years experience. Until now, more than 100 country and areas using ZG horizontal steam boilers with a good feedback from users.5QYHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Horizontal steam boiler for slaughterhouse?

A: We need know the details of Horizontal steam boiler for slaughterhouse, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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