function of boiler in palm oil mill

   The palm oil is not only popular for edible oil, but also the important source of biodiesel. The main production area of palm oil is: Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, Columbia, Cote d’Ivoire, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil etc. In the palm oil plant, boiler is a necessary energy equipment, then what is the specific role of the boiler? The typical processes to produce palm oil include palm bunches reception, palm bunches sterilization, palm threshing, palm fruit digestion, palm pulp pressing, palm oil clarification, palm oil drying and palm oil storage and packing. In these production processes, it consumes a lot of electricity and heat.LW4Horizontal boiler

function of boiler in palm oil millLW4Horizontal boiler

  1. Hot water boiler applicationLW4Horizontal boiler

  The second procedure for palm oil--cooking brown fruit bunches, sterilized at 150 ° C for 2 hours, requires high temperature hot water. This is generally used in hot water boilers. In addition to its role in the production process, hot water boilers are also widely used in factory heating, bathing hot water supply, etc.LW4Horizontal boiler

Palm shell boiler for palm oil plantLW4Horizontal boiler

  2. Steam boilers in palm oil factoryLW4Horizontal boiler

  Steam boilers produce superheated steam, used to generate electricity through turbine generators. The lower pressure steam from the turbine is used for heating purposes throughout the factory.LW4Horizontal boiler

  Today, many palm oil mills use biomass boilers that fuel empty fruit bunches and palm shells. Realize waste recycling, save costs, and create revenueLW4Horizontal boiler

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