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  In food production enterprises, the steam sector mainly has production workshops (including raw material processing, batching, thermal processing, fermentation, sterilization, etc.) and auxiliary production workshops (such as comprehensive utilization, can insulation, trial room, bathroom, laundry room, canteen, etc.). ). The steam equipment is like a sterilization pot, a sandwich pot, a pasteurization, a defrosting machine, a washing line, a meatball cooking line, a tofu machine, a steam box, a sterilization tank, and the like. These are inseparable from the use of steam. Steam boilers provide steam with a certain pressure and temperature for food processing.yruHorizontal boiler

ZBG boiler for food factoryyruHorizontal boiler

  boiler for food industries arear:yruHorizontal boiler

boiler application for food industryyruHorizontal boiler

  •   Steam cooking tunnels
  •   Steam injection for cooking sauces, soups, ready meals, etc.
  •   Superheated steam for browning food
  •   Steam used for pulling vacuum in jars, cans, bottles, etc. 
  •   Bread proving
  •   Meat vapour condenser
  •   Superheaters to 'puff' wheat.
  •   Meat cooking, smoking & curing
  •   Pig scald tanks
  •   Chicken de-feather and pre-cooking 
  •   Steam barrier for aseptic filling 
  •   Milk sterilisation (UHT)
  •   Sterilising in place (SIP)
  •   Sterilisation of beer barrels
  •   Direct injection on Wort boiler (brewing)
  •   Steam bed for producing sweets
  •   Flash peeling of vegetables 
  •   Steaming pasta in preparation for frying
  •   Pasta extrusion process
  •   Steam for sterilisation of bottles
  •   Blanching foodstuffs
  •   Distilling (whisky industry)
  •   Cooking shellfish
  •   Steam to soften frozen fish
  •   Animal rendering
  •   Steam tunnels for oven chips 
  •   Coffee extraction
  •   Noodle cooking
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