Dairy industry boiler

   The variety of dairy products occupies a very important position in people's lives. The dairy industry is growing rapidly as people's needs grow.zm6Horizontal boiler

Dairy industry coal boilerzm6Horizontal boiler

  In dairy companies, the use of industrial boilers is essential. For example, steam boilers are inevitably used in fermentation, disinfection, and drying in the production of liquid milk. In the dairy industry, the use of steam generally includes: heat treatment of dairy products, steam processing for dairy products, pasteurization of liquid milk, and ultra-heat treatment (UHT) milk.zm6Horizontal boiler

  In addition, the demand for boilers in the dairy industry are very large for the needs of heating and bathing. ZBG produces a variety of boilers for the dairy industry. The Mongolian dairy industry is very developed, and the ZBG boiler has been exported to the country for the dairy industry.zm6Horizontal boiler

Dairy industry boilerzm6Horizontal boiler

  1. Oil and gas boilers for the dairy industryzm6Horizontal boiler

  The economizer and condenser (or air preheater) are installed at the tail of the ZBG oil and gas boiler to make the system achieve high efficiency, low back pressure, ultra-low NOx emission and thermal efficiency of over 98%; sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, It allows the boiler to efficiently produce a sufficient amount of high quality steam.zm6Horizontal boiler

  2. Dairy industry coal-fired boilerzm6Horizontal boiler

  There are many types of ZBG coal-fired boilers, with wide fuel adaptability, scientific boiler structure design, advanced technology to ensure the high quality of the boiler, and also improve the environmental performance of the boiler. It is widely used in the dairy industry.zm6Horizontal boiler

  3. Biomass boilerzm6Horizontal boiler

  ZBG Biomass Boiler is becoming more and more popular in the dairy industry due to its high performance, environmental protection and reliable operation.zm6Horizontal boiler

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