Boiler in South African sugar factory

Working of Boiler in sugar factory

This article describes a typical South African sugar factory boiler, the analysis of boiler fuel and discusses the calculation of boiler efficiency. The figures that are used are generic and are not to be taken definitively.A5GHorizontal boiler

Boiler in South African sugar factoryA5GHorizontal boiler

The horizontal boilers in the South African sugar industry, a new equation for the calculation of the net calorific value of bagasse is suggested and a distinction is made between boiler design efficiency and boiler operation efficiency. Methods to calculate fuel calorific values and boiler efficiency from first principles are presented. Introduction In the past the fuel requirements for most sugar factories were easily met by the available bagasse, in fact some factories were in the rather embarrassing situation of having a surplus of bagasse. So,sugar cane(bagasse) fired boiler manufacturers are most favored in sugar factories.A5GHorizontal boiler

South African sugar factory boiler

Boilers Typical modern boilers in the South African sugar industry produce superheated steam at a pressure of 3100 kPa (abs) and a temperature of 400°C. They are designed to burn bagasse, coal or a mixture thereof and are equipped with a full heat recovery system. Boiler configuration The main components of a modern boiler are: the grate, fuel feeders, combustion chamber or furnace, water or mud drum, steam drum, main bank, superheater, economiser, air-heater, scrubber, induced draught (ID) fan, forced draught (FD) fan, secondary air (SA) fan, boiler feed water pumps and some auxiliary equipmentA5GHorizontal boiler

However, with an increase in alternative uses of bagasse, the operation of back end refineries and the move towards Combined Heat and Power(CHP), more and more factories find themselves short of bagasse and have to resort to the use of alternative fuel in the form of coal. Some place like Mauritius using bagasse and coal CHP plant to generate steam and power for their production. This has led to an increasing interest in energy efficiency of which the boiler efficiency forms an essential part. The boiler efficiency does not only depend on the boiler configuration and operation but also on the fuel being used.A5GHorizontal boiler

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