Boiler Application in Paper Industry--Pulping Process

   Pulping is the first step in papermaking, which refers to the process of separating pulp from fabric fiber raw materials to obtain pulping. The current pulping method can generally be mechanical pulping, chemical pulping and semi-chemical pulping, respectively, to obtain mechanical pulp, chemical pulp and semi-chemical pulp.D8LHorizontal boiler

paper mill boilersD8LHorizontal boiler

  Pulp processing links: raw material selection → cooking and separating fibers → washing → bleaching → washing and screening → concentration or copying into pulp sheets → storage for use.D8LHorizontal boiler

  For the pulping process, the cooking of the separated fibers, as well as the subsequent washing, bleaching, concentration and other steps, require industrial steam boilers to provide a large amount of energy. The high-temperature, high-quality steam output from the steam boiler is piped to various workshops for different processes.D8LHorizontal boiler

Boiler Application in Paper Industry--Pulping ProcessD8LHorizontal boiler

  ZBG has provided boiler solutions to more than 10,000 customers, and the paper industry has always been a major supplier of boilers. According to the experience of ZBG's cooperation with various enterprises in the paper industry in different countries and regions for many years, most paper mills use steam boilers. There are many kinds of ZBG steam boilers, which are divided into various steam products according to the fuel structure and performance.D8LHorizontal boiler

  For example, the low-nitrogen condensing oil and gas boiler adopts advanced condensing technology to make secondary use of the high-temperature flue gas generated by the boiler operation, fully absorb the waste heat of the flue gas, and the boiler efficiency can reach 98%, which can save a large input cost for the paper mill. And the boiler adopts the world's advanced technology--FGR technology, using flue gas recirculation, the flue gas generated by the boiler operation is re-entered into the furnace through the connecting pipe, and the function of low nitrogen oxides is achieved by lowering the combustion temperature, which is a green energy-saving energy-saving pioneer. .D8LHorizontal boiler

  The paper industry has always been a major polluter. When selecting steam boiler products, each paper mill should check the boiler quality, thermal efficiency, pollutant discharge and other aspects to purchase the boiler products that are most suitable for their own enterprises and promote the paper mills to be benign. The direction of the cycle.D8LHorizontal boiler

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