Boiler Application in Paper Industry-- Papermaking Process

   Papermaking refers to the process of making pulp into paper. In the modern papermaking industry, the papermaking process is continuously carried out on a paper machine. The pulp suitable for paper quality is diluted with water to a certain concentration, and is initially dehydrated in the wire section of the paper machine to form a wet paper sheet, which is then dehydrated and dried by pressing. Made of paper.KgSHorizontal boiler

paper mill boilersKgSHorizontal boiler

  Papermaking section processing: pulp → impurity removal → fine pulp → beating → preparation of various additives → mixing of paper stock → flow of paper stock → head box → net section → press section → drying section → surface sizing → drying → Calender → Roll up into paper.KgSHorizontal boiler

paper factoriesKgSHorizontal boiler

  In the papermaking process, the slurry needs to be diluted with water, and after passing through the grit chamber, the sand particles and impurities are precipitated, and the coarser fibers are sieved through the flat screen sieve machine. The purified pulp can be flowed to the paper machine, and then processed into a paper after being formed, dehydrated, dried, and the like.KgSHorizontal boiler

  After the above introduction, we can see that the papermaking process is also inseparable from the help of steam boilers. The steam that industrial steam boilers can provide can meet the demand for thermal power in the papermaking process.KgSHorizontal boiler

  The steam boiler produced by ZBG has sufficient steam output and higher thermal efficiency, which indirectly saves a lot of fuel costs for the paper mill.KgSHorizontal boiler

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