Sugar plant bagasse biomass boiler

   The use of a large amount of bagasse produced in the production process as a fuel for the boiler is a new way for the sugar mill to reduce production costs and improve the efficiency of the enterprise.ff3Horizontal boiler

  Bagasse is the fibrous and pithy material remaining after the sugar containing juice has been crushed and squeezed from the sugarcane. Raw sugar is obtained from this juice in a process involving clarification, concentration and crystallization, and each of these steps requires energy, usually in the form of low pressure steam. The bagasse biomass boiler produced by ZBG can effectively use bagasse and produce steam for sugar production. The energy saving and emission reduction benefits of sugarcane baggage boiler power generation are also very obvious.ff3Horizontal boiler

Sugar plant bagasse biomass boilerff3Horizontal boiler

  In many countries and regions, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, China and other sugar cane cultivation areas, there are many sugar companies. Bagasse boilers are a very popular boiler in sugar mills. The bagasse boiler produced by ZBG is a natural-circulating double-drum transverse-type water tube boiler for the characteristics of low heat and high moisture of bagasse fuel. With a serpentine arrangement, the steel frame, the furnace and convection tube bundles are used for suspension, and the tail flue is used as a support. The furnace is provided with a burning area, and the front wall of the bagasse burner is arranged, and a fixed steam blowing slag is used. The superheater is arranged in two stages, the surface desuperheater is arranged between the two stages, and a convection tube bundle is arranged to adapt to the characteristics of the sugar cane water, and the area of ​​the evaporation heating surface is increased to ensure the output. One tube set of the economizer, the air preheater is arranged in two stages. The steel frame is designed according to the outdoor layout and 7 degree seismic intensity. At present, the ZBG bagasse biomass steam boiler is mainly based on the model of the chain grate steam boiler.ff3Horizontal boiler

bagasse biomass boilerff3Horizontal boiler

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