1-120 ton Low NOx condensing boiler

   Low-nitrogen condensing boilers are widely used. The choice of low-nitrogen condensing boilers is beneficial to reduce environmental pollution and reduce pollutant emissions.G3zHorizontal boiler

1-120 ton Low NOx condensing boilerG3zHorizontal boiler

  1. Low NOx boilersG3zHorizontal boiler

  Boiler uses heat to produce steam or hot water. In the combustion process, nitrous oxide (NOx) and nitrogen dioxide are produced as byproducts. These pollutants can initiate harmful reactions, which result in the production of acid rain and ozone. Ultra low NOx boilers combine energy efficient design and technology to reduce NOx emissions, save on fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gases without affecting performance. Ultra low NOx boilers utilize ultralow NOx boiler burners to provide stable combustion at lower flame temperatures with lower excess air and offer high turndown (up to 12 to 1 for natural gas). The flue gas recirculation (FGR) meters a percentage of flue gas, reintroducing it back into the combustion air supply, increasing or decreasing the percentage of FGR based on the amount of reduction in NOx required.G3zHorizontal boiler

  2. What is the condensing boiler?G3zHorizontal boiler

  Condensing boilers achieve higher efficiencies by condensing water vapor contained in flue gases. When fuel is combusted in a boiler, approximately 90% of the energy contained in the fuel is converted into sensible heat (heat that causes a change in temperature) and approximately 10% is converted into latent heat (heat involved in phase change of a material). This latent heat is stored in the water vapor that is a byproduct of the combustion process.G3zHorizontal boiler

  In traditional boiler technology, the latent heat contained in the water vapor is allowed to escape in the flue gases. Condensing boilers reclaim that latent heat by condensing the water vapor and transferring that heat back into the return water. This process of condensing the water vapor can increase the steady-state efficiency of an average boiler from ≈80% to between 86% and 98% (depending on boiler operation)G3zHorizontal boiler

  3. 1-20 ton wns series oil/gas boilersG3zHorizontal boiler

  The compact wns series oil/gas boiler is available from 1 to 20 tph. The wns series products is a three-pass boiler with low combustion chamber loading. It delivers clean combustion with particularly low nitrogen oxide emissions. The three-pass design reduces the dwell time of the hot gases in the high reaction temperature range. This results in reduced nitrogen oxide emissions.G3zHorizontal boiler

  4. 4-90 ton szs series oil and gas boilerG3zHorizontal boiler

  The szs series boilers adopt staged combustion and FGR flue gas recirculating low nitrogen combustion technology, and configuring fully automatic low nitrogen burner, the emission of NOx can be reduced to below 30mg/m.The rear part of the boiler is designed with economizer and condenser, which can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the boiler overall thermal efficiency.G3zHorizontal boiler

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