Three water indicating devices of horizontal boiler

In the industrial boiler manufacturing field, horizontal steam boiler is the main power equipment. With the implementation of the national policy, the coal fired boiler gradually falls out of people’s sight. Meanwhile, the horizontal biomass fired boiler become more and more popular.ibkHorizontal boiler

single drum Chain grate boiler.jpgibkHorizontal boiler

Coal fired horizontal boileribkHorizontal boiler

horizontalboiler.jpgibkHorizontal boiler
In the operation of the biomass fired boiler, it is necessary to equipe a water indicating system to avoid water shortage. The following are three important devices:ibkHorizontal boiler
Alerting device for low water level: ibkHorizontal boiler
For the safe operation’s sake, the low water level indicator will send warning signal when the boiler water will decrease at the set level. The boiler will automatically stop. For the automatic boiler, two devices are needed.ibkHorizontal boiler
Alerting device for high water level:ibkHorizontal boiler
If the water level is too high, the fireman should cut off the the water feeding path. Although it is not forceable, the alarming system is essential to reduce the chance of water hammer.  ibkHorizontal boiler
Moreover, in order to ensure the safety operation, a water control system is needed to feed proper water to the boiler.ibkHorizontal boiler

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