The principles to choose combustor of the horizontal steam boiler

The combustor is a core equipment of the horizontal boiler. It sends orders to the air system, the ignition system , the inspection system, the fuel system and the electric control system to realize its normal operation. The combustor is a highly-automatic electromechanical integration equipment.TrVHorizontal boiler

The principles to choose combustor of the horizontal steam boilerTrVHorizontal boiler

As an important device, the combustor’s quality is directly effect the boiler. So it should be cautious to choose a combustor. the brand advantage TrVHorizontal boiler

The combustor market is very complicated. The manufacturing level is different, some manufacturers have not been authorized authentication. This kind of burner is not very safe. the combustor types: TrVHorizontal boiler

There are two kinds of combustor: the oil fired boiler and the gas fired boiler. The buyer should choose a suitable one according to the resource and the fuel. the automation degree TrVHorizontal boiler

The combustor is a major device to control the boiler’s operation. Its automation degree directly affect the boiler’s normal running. ZG boiler includes gas fired steam boiler, oil fired steam boiler, biomass fired steam boiler, which has such advantages as good property, convenient operation, high automation,full combustion and so on. What’s more, it is environmental friendly and reach the national standard.TrVHorizontal boiler

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