The operation notices for horizontal steam boiler

The operation of the horizontal steam boiler is driven by the furnace pressure which contains risk. The following are some tips for boiler’s operation.TZzHorizontal boiler
Because of the different equipment and external temperature, when the hot water flow, the internal wall of the steam drum will approach the water, the drum temperature will increase. But the temperature of external wall will increase more slowly than the internal one. The higher the temperature difference is, the strong the thermal stress will be. the higher temperature and faster feeding speed of the water will cause larger temperature difference which will result deformation and fissure. Otherwise, it may also cause the uneven inflation of water wall. Therefore, when feeding water to the boiler, it is necessary to set a limit to the water temperature and the feeding speed.TZzHorizontal boiler

wns gas oil boiler.jpgTZzHorizontal boiler

Horizontal gas oil boilerTZzHorizontal boiler

The boiler temperature turning from cold to warm will produce internal temperature. So in the starting, controlling the pressure rising speed means to control the temperature rising speed. In this process, the rising pressure and temperature will cause the temperature difference between the inner and outer wall as well as upper and lower wall. All the differences will produce thermal stress. Otherwise, the temperature rising will exert bad effect to the pressure pipe, the fastener, discharge orifice flange and so on. TZzHorizontal boiler

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