The measures to promote energy conservation of horizontal boiler

With the rapid construction of the energy saving and environment-friendly society, the environment protection awareness become more and more penetrated into various industries. The energy saving matter of the horizontal boiler which offer heat power for industrial production also draw the government’s attention.8nDHorizontal boiler

As the largest boiler production base, zhengguo group penetrated the energy-conserving idea into its 60 year’s researching and designing experience all the time. The energy-saving horizontal boiler which reaches the international advanced level produced by our group was honored “the best design ”among the contemporary products. Meanwhile, zhengguo has proposed several suggestions on the promotion of horizontal energy saving boiler :   The fuel-saving-type horizontal boiler: 8nDHorizontal boiler

The measures to promote energy conservation of horizontal boiler8nDHorizontal boiler

Coal is the main fuel of horizontal boiler, which is a non-renewable resources. The conserving method of this type is to reduce the feeding volume and increase the adding times. In this way, the coal can be burned to its maximum extent, which will help reduce the the coal waste and lower the discharging temperature. electric cost saving type : 8nDHorizontal boiler

In the measures of energy-saving, the cost of electric consumption cannot be neglected. To reduce this cost, the user can adopt automatic control. For the big sized dynamo, the frequency converter can be used. water conserving type 8nDHorizontal boiler

If using this type of horizontal boiler, you should save energy on every details. In the practical operation, the user can store the water in the water tank to use it for a second time.Besides, reducing labor cost is also a helpful method to conserve energy.8nDHorizontal boiler

Taking the above factors into account, zhengguo has developed an energy-saving coal fired horizontal boiler in which air supply for the furnace comes from both sides. There are 6 independent plenums of which air regulator was installed to reach the best burning efficiency.8nDHorizontal boiler

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