The high heating efficiency of the horizontal fire tube boiler

 In the manufacturing of industrial energy supply equipment, the horizontal fire tube boiler is always a major power equipment. After decades of development, from a coal-fired boiler,  gas boiler to biomass boilers, no matter what boiler form, what the boiler needs is high thermal efficiency. thermal efficiency of a boiler is also a scale to measure the cost performance.kLAHorizontal boiler

horizontalboiler.jpgkLAHorizontal boiler

In the field of heat efficiency improvement,ZG is a leader in the industry who has developed a horizontal fire tube boiler. This type of boiler is a typical of the high efficient boiler. It is equipped with single drum and vertical chain grate. For the first time in the country, the technology of water -cooling arch and membrane water-cooling are smartly used in this series. actually that technology was only used in the large scaled chain grate boiler combustion systems
before, and the technology indexes are of leading level in china and even in the world.
thermal efficiency of ZG  horizontal fire tube boiler can reach above 98%, the length of boiler furnace rear axle is longer than domestic models, which will prolong the fuel combustion time in the furnace and make coal combustion more efficient, reduce the carbon content of slag; increase the effective area of the grate. The boiler’s overload capability significantly enhanced. Meanwhile it adopts two side air intake technology with which the boiler is equipped with 6 independent air rooms. There is an air regulator set in every air room to reach the best effect. 
As the largest boiler manufacturer in mid china,ZG cooperated with the world bank to be the production base of the high efficient and energy saving boiler. Furthermore, ZG has the license to design and produce boiler and pressure vessel.
Additionally, the  horizontal fire tube boiler manufactured by ZG not only have high efficiency and can also avoid the break and arch collision of the boiler caused by the high temperature. In this way , the boiler life prolonged.
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