The differences between atmospheric pressure boiler and pressure boiler

In our country, non-pressure boiler, also called atmospheric pressure boiler, whose top is large. It does not bear the static pressure. The boiler’s ontology hole is interlinked with the atmosphere. No matter under what situation, the water level indicates 0.VX8Horizontal boiler

wns gas oil boiler.jpgVX8Horizontal boiler

Gas oil horizontal boilerVX8Horizontal boiler

The atmospheric boiler type is composed of three parts and they connect each other with short line. But the pressure boiler is a production equipment to produce steam or hot water. Steam boiler produces steam while hot water boiler mainly heat the water but not evaporate the water. The common seen steam boiler is pressure boiler. Besides, the pressure vessel is consisted of seal vessel and pipeline which are heated in the flame and the major difference between them is that the hot water boiler is full and its water indicator has no specific notions.VX8Horizontal boiler

While the atmospheric pressure boiler need not to control the water level. Even though the drum is filled with water, its top connect with the open box. Pressure equipment belongs to the heating supply system which may explode. The atmospheric pressure boiler is just a heating supply system, it will not explode.VX8Horizontal boiler

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