Surprised you with a different horizontal boiler

 WNS horizontal gas fired boiler is horizontal internal combustion gas boiler, through the combustion of the fuel,the boiler water is heated to a certain temperature and output hot water and steam, belonging to the large heat energy equipment.H9eHorizontal boiler

Automatic control system for efficient horizontal gas boiler, is equipped with safety protection devices including water protection, overpressure protection, flameout protection, abnormal pressure protection, over temperature protection. Horizontal structure of gas boiler has many advantages: small volume, simple installation, easy operation, intelligent control, the fuel pressure atomization,full combustion resulted from the micro positive pressure. Horizontal gas fired boiler is the most energy-saving environmental protection boiler.ZG’s boiler has the following characters:
wns gas oil boiler.jpg
WNS horizontal gas oil fired boiler
Full open door. the front of Boiler is designed with an open door. And the door can be opened according to the actual need, from the left or right. large space is convenient for the maintenance of the boiler.
Large volume of combustion chamber. Large volume design can meet a variety of needs. In order to obtain low thermal load, the boiler chamber with a large capacity can guarantee the full combustion of the gas or liquid fuel. the temperature can be spread evenly so as to avoid the blocking and protect the tube and the baffle.
The colour for effluent water, water output and water security are totally different. They  are respectively designed for red, green, yellow for the convenience of boiler’s installation.
Efficient energy saving. Boiler furnace adopts the Opium pipe to increase the furnace radiant heat absorption. heat fire tube built-in spoiler improves the utilization rate of heat energy. 
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Q: How much the price of Surprised you with a different horizontal boiler?

A: We need know the details of Surprised you with a different horizontal boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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