Steam boiler heating surface area calculation

   The heating surface of the boiler usually refers to the surface area of ​​the metal that touches the flame or the side of the flue gas (the other side is in contact with water or heat transfer. The heat exchange of the boiler is carried out by such a metal surface area, which is generally measured in square meters (㎡). The heating area of ​​the boiler has a positive correlation with the boiler capacity, that is, the larger the heating area, the larger the boiler capacity.FTBHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler heating surface area calculationFTBHorizontal boiler

  How to calculate the heating area of ​​a steam boiler?

  Heating surface area of boiler is nothing but the total area of tubes and drums in all components of boiler which is in contact with flue gases produced after burning of fuel.FTBHorizontal boiler

  Calculating the heating area of ​​the boiler also requires understanding the specific structure of the boiler.FTBHorizontal boiler

  According to the heat transfer mode, the heating surface of the boiler can be divided into a convection heat receiving surface, a radiation heating surface, and a semi-radiation heating surface. Convective heating surfaces include boiler tube bundles, economizers, superheaters, reheaters, air preheaters, and the like. The radiation heating surface includes a furnace, a water wall, and a half-radiation heating surface is a screen type superheater.FTBHorizontal boiler

  The calculation of the heating surface area of ​​the pipe requires the use of measuring tools or measuring instruments to measure the tubes on the heated surface. There are two main items of measurement: pipe outer diameter measurement and pipe wall thickness measurement. Recalculate the heated area of ​​the pipe.FTBHorizontal boiler

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