Influence of weather on industrial steam boiler

Steam boiler are quite common in industrial production, the boiler efficiency is affected by weather changes in operation, but different weather changes have different affects on industrial steam boiler operation. For example, we shall take insulation measures for industrial steam boiler in the cold winter, and prevent the high-temperature corrosion when summer comes.9uzHorizontal boiler

1: Humidity for steam boiler

Humidity mainly affected by precipitation, in a long time precipitation process, firstly might cause milling system rate difficult, due to more water get into the boiler furnace, resulting in increased boiler heat losses. Meanwhile, precipitation and fog can also cause the temperature dropped, also have an impact on the industrial steam boiler efficiency.9uzHorizontal boiler

Steam boiler high efficiency9uzHorizontal boiler

2: Temperature for steam boiler efficiency:

(1) the outside temperature differences in the winter and summer will be 20-50 ℃, affect the industrial boiler exhaust gas temperature 10-30 ℃, the impact on the steam boiler efficiency shall be 1% -2%. The difference between day and night will be around 10 ℃, affect the steam boiler exhaust gas temperature shall above 5 ℃, the impact on boiler efficiency shall around be 0.3%.9uzHorizontal boiler

(2) In addition, because the outside temperature changes, resulting in the steam boiler auxiliary ambient temperature and their bearing temperature changes accordingly. Should the auxiliary cooling water is the lake or river water or cycle water, the impact on the industrial steam boiler efficiency will be larger.9uzHorizontal boiler

As an industrial boiler manufacturer and exporter in China, ZG high efficiency industrial steam boiler with large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, easy to operate, safe and reliable features, is a low consumption, low contamination and environmentally product.9uzHorizontal boiler

 9uzHorizontal boiler

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