How to use horizontal coal fired boiler properly

This passage will give you several tips on the use of the industrial boiler, including the choice of coal, the ignition points of attention, the internal rinse of the boiler, and the feed water requirements.iBWHorizontal boiler

Compared with vertical boiler, Horizontal coal fired boiler has such advantages as long flue gas flow, slow smoke discharging speed,high heating efficiency, so it is very energy saving. The same as other boilers, the service life of the horizontal boiler depends on its right use and maintenance.iBWHorizontal boiler

How to use horizontal coal fired boiler properlyiBWHorizontal boiler

The requirements of coal fuel used in the horizontal boiler: the coal fueled in the horizontal boiler should be the coal of more than 15% volatile, its ash fusion point should be higher than 1250℃,its heat value should be at 18800~21000kj/kg. The ignition points for attention: iBWHorizontal boiler

When ignited, the ash door should be open. The fireman should add coal step by step. When the boiler runs normally, the boiler case should be full and the coal door should be closed. Meanwhile, before ignition, the user also need to check the pipe and ensure that it is smooth. the internal washing of the horizontal boiler iBWHorizontal boiler

The boiler usually produces incrustation after a period, it is needed to clean. So does the smoke discharging path. When cleaning them, the fireman should first open the discharging door and the dust cleaning door. the requirement of feeding water: iBWHorizontal boiler

Before starting the horizontal boiler, the user should first feed water to the water case and the pipe. It is prohibited to start the machine when the water case is empty, or the water quality does not reach the requirements.iBWHorizontal boiler

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