Coal-fired hot water boiler installation considerations

Companies buy the industrial horizontal boiler as the main thermal power is only half done, the other half is the installation of the coal fired boiler.And all the forms of the boiler, the installation of coal-fired hot water boiler is also a need to cause attaches great importance to the problems, the installation quality is directly related to the efficiency of the boiler can run normally and high and low.fp4Horizontal boiler

Coal-fired boiler installation requirements including site selection, circuit and pipe laying, installation of boiler chimney, the following is a ZG given specific installation requirements:fp4Horizontal boiler

The choice of site:fp4Horizontal boiler

For coal-fired hot water boiler is a polluting will cause the noise of the equipment, site selection should be ventilated, dry, No idlers past intercourse places, solid flat terrain, equipment should be placed from the surrounding walls 1.5 meters, easy to install and repair, usually far away from downtown.fp4Horizontal boiler

Coal-fired hot water boiler circuit layout:fp4Horizontal boiler

Coal-fired hot water boiler of the circuit layout should be installed by a professional electrician, line shall not be near the high temperature, dampness or rain spraying and pedestrian passageway, confirm all the procedures and the voltage and current are qualified rear can put into use.fp4Horizontal boiler

The laid of the boiler pipe:fp4Horizontal boiler

Coal-fired hot water boiler atmospheric expansion tank or pipe should be higher than 4 m, under the hot water outlet shall not be mounted to the valve, in order to avoid pressure;All lines after the installation, water inspection must be conducted, confirm that the valve opening and closing, no leakage or after blocking phenomenon, before delivery.fp4Horizontal boiler
The chimney of the installation:fp4Horizontal boiler

Industrial boiler steel chimney:fp4Horizontal boiler

1, steel chimney should have sufficient strength and rigidity, the chimney wall thickness to consider a certain amount of corrosion allowance, when the chimney height of 20 ~ 40 m, diameter of 0.2 ~ 1, 0 m WuNaChen when the cylinder body wall thickness from 4 to 10 mm, lining the wall thickness from 8 to 18 mm.fp4Horizontal boiler
2, with a lining of steel chimney lining can be segmented bearing, every 4 ~ 6 m long between lining and shell to keep 20 ~ 50 mm clearance and protective ring should be in the top plate cover the lining.Chimney with the base connection part generally making taper support plate thickness is 20 ~ 40 mm.fp4Horizontal boiler
3, industrial boiler room appropriate chooses steel chimney by advanced processing and manufacturing of welded stainless steel chimney.When the ratio of the chimney height and diameter of more than 20, you must set up reliable traction rope, rope along the circumference of a circle arc arrangement such as 3 ~ 4 root.fp4Horizontal boiler

Industrial boiler room brick chimney:fp4Horizontal boiler

1, the largest brick chimney height should not be more than 50 m, chimney repair the ladder should be set up and the lightning rod, at the same time should be set at the bottom of the chimney 0.5 ~ 1.0 m lower than the horizontal flue entrance dust hole.Level fp4Horizontal boiler
2, when the chimney and flue, there are two access, two interfaces should be relatively commonly set up and is separated from horizontal flue 45 o Angle of baffle, baffle plate above the horizontal flue part shall not be less than 1/2 of horizontal stack height.fp4Horizontal boiler

Coal-fired hot water boiler adopts the unique structure of secondary air, effectively improve the aerodynamic field in furnace, the hot particles bring forward, is advantageous to the fuel ignition ignition, but also prolong the retention period of the fuel in the furnace, to improve the adaptability and efficiency of the fuel.fp4Horizontal boiler

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