Boiler for heating 50,000 square meters

  When the weather is cold, the heating boiler begins to perform its heating function. Because of the important role of heating boilers, many companies, planting, breeding, schools, hotels, hospitals and other industries will use them. For most enterprises, hot water boilers are generally selected when heating boilers are selected, and heat is transferred through the pipes through hot water.2aGHorizontal boiler

Boiler for heating 50,000 square meters2aGHorizontal boiler

  The heating boiler produced by ZBG is generally a 1 ton boiler that can heat 10,000 square meters, which is a 0.7 MW hot water boiler. Calculated in this way, the heating area of ​​50,000 square meters probably requires about 3.6 MW of hot water boiler capacity. However, in actual application, it is also affected by many factors. In extremely cold areas, the building's insulation performance is poor, so the required heating boiler capacity will increase.2aGHorizontal boiler

Oil and gas heating boiler2aGHorizontal boiler

  Factors affecting the capacity of heating boilers:2aGHorizontal boiler

  1. Structure of heating building, material insulation performance2aGHorizontal boiler

  2. Heating area2aGHorizontal boiler

  3. Heating index, the heating temperature expected by the customer2aGHorizontal boiler

  4. Climatic conditions in the heating area2aGHorizontal boiler

 2aGHorizontal boiler

  5. The nature of the heating facility, the insulation performance of the pipeline, the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink, etc.2aGHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of Boiler for heating 50,000 square meters?

A: We need know the details of Boiler for heating 50,000 square meters, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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