Biomass power plant boiler

A biomass power plant boiler from ZBG that needed.7D5Horizontal boiler

Most of power plant are using biomass based for power plant, and some place using coal fired for power plant. And some place using biomass and coal as fuel to heating boilers. Except to generate electric for power station. It also can be provide heat for industry. That called combined heat and power(CHP).7D5Horizontal boiler

Biomass fired boiler for power plant7D5Horizontal boiler

Biomass cogeneration(CHP)

Combined heat and power systems are very useful systems in which biomass fuels, such as rice husk, is used to generate power, and heat is created as a byproduct of the power plant system. They have a very high cost because of the high pressure operation. Because of this high pressure operation, the need for a highly trained operator is mandatory, and will raise the cost of operation. Another drawback is that while they produce electricity they will produce heat, and if producing heat is not desirable for certain parts of the year, the addition of a cooling tower is necessary, and will also raise the cost.7D5Horizontal boiler

There are certain situations where CHP is a good option. Wood product manufacturers would use a combined heat and power system because they have a large supply of waste wood, and a need for both heat and power. Other places where these systems would be optimal are hospitals and prisons, which need energy, and heat for hot water. These systems are sized so that they will produce enough heat to match the average heat load so that no additional heat is needed, and a cooling tower is not needed.7D5Horizontal boiler

Why choose an ZBG biomass power plant boilers?

Get reduced CO2 emissions thanks to our efficient, flexible boiler technology that enables optimum use of biomass co-firing Benefit from Alstom’s service of receiving, handling, storing and processing of biomass materials, all ready for direct injection into boilers7D5Horizontal boiler

Biomass is a renewable energy source using organic materials. These include:7D5Horizontal boiler

1. Wood chip, wood pellets, wood waste, logs, sawdust7D5Horizontal boiler

2. Agricultural wastes and crops produced for use as bio fuels7D5Horizontal boiler

3. Bio-derived fuels, including: municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel, sewage sludge, animal waste7D5Horizontal boiler

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Why choose ZG boiler products?

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Q: How much the price of Biomass power plant boiler?

A: We need know the details of Biomass power plant boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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