6 ton szl series biomass fired steam boiler price

   After summarizing, we found that when customers buy boilers, the most frequently asked question is the boiler price. The price of the boiler affects the final decision of the customer. Some time ago, we found that a large number of customers asked about the price of our 6 ton szl series biomass steam boiler. After communication, we learned that most of these customers are located in Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and other regions. They buy boilers primarily for steam supply.QDhHorizontal boiler

  In order to better serve our customers, we have listed the price of 6 tons of szl series biomass steam boilers.QDhHorizontal boiler

Product list & Description Unit price(USD) Qty(SET) Total Price(USD)
SZL6-1.25-T Boiler Proper  76480  1  76480
Instrument and Valve Not include relief valve  9115  1  9115
Forced Draft Fan  981  1  981
Multi Tube Dust Remover  2030  1  2030
Induced Draft Fan  3649  1  3649
Economizer  10140  1  10140
Water Feed pump  1150  2  2300
Gear Box  1861  1  1861
Electrical Control Bin  5246  1  5246
Fuel Feeder  1438  1  1438
Slag Remover  2369  1  2369
Automatic Water Treatment  4721  1  4721
Chimney  3815  1  3815
Steam Distributor  780  1  780
Total Price(USD)  124745

 QDhHorizontal boiler

  Technical parameters of 6 ton szl series biomass steam boiler:

  Rated evaporation: 6 t/hQDhHorizontal boiler

  Rated steam pressure: 1.25MpaQDhHorizontal boiler

  Rated steam temperature: 194 ° CQDhHorizontal boiler

  Feed water temperature: 20 ° CQDhHorizontal boiler

  Applicable fuel: biomass pellets, rice husk, straw, wood fuelQDhHorizontal boiler

6 ton szl series biomass fired steam boiler priceQDhHorizontal boiler

  Our 6-ton szl series biomass boilers are based on biomass energy, which is a clean energy source. Biomass boilers are almost environmentally friendly and energy-saving boilers, from fuel to combustion process to ash after combustion. Biomass fuels come in two broad categories, one is direct combustion of biomass fuels, and the other is the processing of biofuels into shaped biomass fuels such as particulate biomass fuels. The floor fuel is fed from a hopper, which extends the entire width Of the gating and has a plate at the back for regulating the depth of the bed of fuel, to a continuously revolving grate, the surface of the grate is horizontal. Back of the hopper and extending over the whole width of the grate is a fire -brick arch.QDhHorizontal boiler

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