The medicament method of the horizontal coal fired boiler

Horizontal coal fired hot water boiler has such advantages: long flue gas flow,slow smoke discharging speed and high heat efficiency energy saving. During the operation of horizontal coal fired boiler, it is necessary to specially medicate and chemically clean the boiler’s water system to keep the boiler in a god state.4uuHorizontal boiler

chaingrateboiler (2).jpg4uuHorizontal boiler

Horizontal coal boiler4uuHorizontal boiler

4uuHorizontal boiler
The following is several medicament methods proposed by ZG boiler manufacturer. Let’s learn it together:4uuHorizontal boiler
Continuous medicament:4uuHorizontal boiler
This medicament means that the medicine with certain concentration will be continuously added to the boiler water. In this way , the medicine concentration of the boiler water can be kept within a standard range. At the same time, various boiler water indexes are easily to keep stable to supervise and regulate. However, this system will need a set of dosing equipment,which will increase the operation fee and maintenance workload.4uuHorizontal boiler
Discontinuous dosing 4uuHorizontal boiler
This medicament means that add medicine to the boiler water regularly.this method need not any complicated dosing equipment and is easily to operate. But in the operation, the medicine concentration of the boiler water will change dramatically, the basicity and PH value of the boiler water is too low before medicament and after medicament these index will increase immediately. These changes will bring inconvenience for boiler water’s supervision.4uuHorizontal boiler
The horizontal coal fired hot water boiler adopts the improved GEF special deslagging technology and newly squamule fire grate segment which add an insurance ring and overcome the falling off problem of the fire grate segment. Such structure effectively reduce the the air leakage problem of the grate,stabilize the boiler’s operation, improve the burning efficiency. 4uuHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of The medicament method of the horizontal coal fired boiler?

A: We need know the details of The medicament method of the horizontal coal fired boiler, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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