What are the automatic adjusting functions of the horizontal oil fired boiler ?

Compared with traditional high consumption and high pollution coal fired boiler,the oil fired boiler is more widely used in the industrial production. The fuel oil used in the oil fired boiler reduce the consumption amount , the pollutant discharge as well as the fuel cost.GxGHorizontal boiler

horizontalboiler.jpgGxGHorizontal boiler

Compared with the traditional vertical boiler, the horizontal oil fired boiler owns long flue gas pass, slow smoke discharging speed and high heating efficiency. In order to ensure the safe operation of the horizontal oil fired boiler, it is necessary to know the automatic adjusting function of the boiler: automatic adjusting device for combustion : GxGHorizontal boiler

automatic adjusting device is to ensure the heat power meeting the needed load and keeping main steam pressure within a certain range. Furthermore,the system can also make the air output match the fuel amount to ensure the economic combustion,can make the ventilation adapt to the air output to keep the furnace pressure within acertain range. the automatic adjusting device for water feeding: GxGHorizontal boiler

The automatic device is to fit the flow of feeding water in the evaporation capacity. For the drum boiler, it is necessary to keep the water level at a certain level. automatic temperature adjusting device: GxGHorizontal boiler

A nominal temperature is designed in the horizontal oil fired boiler. In the practice, the temperature needs to reset to keep the major evaporation temperature and the reheat steam temperature in a given range.GxGHorizontal boiler

Beside the above, ZG horizontal steam boiler is equipped with multi-protection functions for overheat,overpressure, hydropenia, leakage detecting, flame out and so on. Its safe and liable property let it become NO1 in the thermal power industry.GxGHorizontal boiler

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