How to rightly use a chain grate coal fired steam boiler

The chain grate coal fired boiler, offering steam for industrial production, can Promote the maximum combustion of the coal, improve the heating efficiency.the boiler manufactured by ZG is especially benefit for the interior coal because of its good adaptability.yKTHorizontal boiler

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the coal fired steam boiler is a special equipment which should be operated strictly complying with the operation guidance. Fuel:yKTHorizontal boiler

The fuel used in the steam boiler is coal. The user should choose superior coal for its boiler. feeding water yKTHorizontal boiler

Before feeding water the furnace ash should be cleared. The coal should be fed up, at least 1/2 of the furnace. In this way, it is not only economical but also effective. ignition yKTHorizontal boiler

Before ignition, the water tank should be filled to half of the tank. It is prohibited to operate the boiler without water or little in it. Otherwise,the water quality should be guaranteed. When igniting, the fireman open the air door and ignite the wood and coal. Clearance yKTHorizontal boiler

After a period of operation, the furnace ash should be cleared.otherwise, the puffing phaenomenon will appeared in the coal fired door,which will effect the heating efficiency.yKTHorizontal boiler

Some of the rising tubes on two sides of the steam header go up to the furnace, then go to down side of drum, together with the mason work insulation heating surface. By adopting of this novel furnace structure,we tackle the deficiency of “bulge”which happens because of the direct heating the down side of the drum.yKTHorizontal boiler

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