4 things should be prepared before start hot water boiler system

Hot water boiler is widely used for public institutions central heating, such as hotels, schools, communities, enterprises,etc. Therefore, the hot water boiler system's operational safety appears to be of particular importance,before starting it,we have many preparations to do for boiler system which as follows:B4jHorizontal boiler

gas oil boilerB4jHorizontal boiler
A> External inspect of hot water boiler:

To be ensure the insulation of hot water boiler furnace wall and other parts is well,supports and hangers are intact and firm,long soot blower is in the exit position,flue gas temperature probe and various parts expansion indicators is intact and correct,lighting is good,fire equipment is complete etc.B4jHorizontal boiler

B> Internal inspect of hot water boiler:

Check the combustor, gas pass, electrostatic precipitators, super-heater, re-heater,economizer, preheater, cold slag bucket, milling system,and other parts to ensure that nobody is working inside,no tools are left behind,no sundries on heating surface,scaffolding is removed,no fouling and slagging in cold ash bucket,no sundries in slag conveyor and slag warehouse.B4jHorizontal boiler

C> Preheater external inspection:

Ensure the appearance of preheater is complete,driving and variable speed device is good,oil level of various parts is normal,sealing device is good,pipeline valves are complete,have no leakage,the cooling water of bearing box is normal.B4jHorizontal boiler

D> Combustion system checking of hot water boiler:

Ensure the thermal insulating of burner is good,no fouling is on the air duct and bellows,oil gun, igniter and electromagnetic valve are intact and good,oil gun and igniter are in the exit position.B4jHorizontal boiler

As a professional hot boiler manufacturer, ZG Boiler Focus on different types of hot water boiler, such as automatic hot water boiler, wood fired hot water boiler, diesel hot water boilers, gas fired hot water boiler etc which can meet customer requirements. You can contact us for more details about hot water boiler price, hot water boiler project etc.B4jHorizontal boiler

 B4jHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 4 things should be prepared before start hot water boiler system?

A: We need know the details of 4 things should be prepared before start hot water boiler system, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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