116MW Corner tube hot water boiler in the heating company

Procurement of equipment: QXL116-1.6 / 130/70-AⅡ type corner tube boilers for heating companyH6AHorizontal boiler
Project Description: The first 116MW Corner tube station chain grate hot water boiler...H6AHorizontal boiler

cornertubeboiler.jpgH6AHorizontal boiler

116MW Corner tube boiler design parameters

Rated heating capacity: 116MWH6AHorizontal boiler
Working pressure: 1.6 MPaH6AHorizontal boiler
The return water temperature: 70 ℃H6AHorizontal boiler
Water temperature: 130 ℃H6AHorizontal boiler
The circulating water flow: 1662 t/hH6AHorizontal boiler
Combustion method: StokerH6AHorizontal boiler
Grate effective area: 155 ㎡H6AHorizontal boiler
Design efficiency: 83.3%H6AHorizontal boiler
Applied combustion: II type bituminous coal, III type bituminous coalH6AHorizontal boiler

Fuel particle size: 0~3mm is less than 30%,Maximum particle size not more than 30mmH6AHorizontal boiler

The features of 116MW corner tube biomass boiler:

1. The boiler adopts corner tube pattern, self-supporting structure, problems relating to the expansion and the supporting of corner tube boiler is tackled smartly. Supporting structure is stable and compact. H6AHorizontal boiler
2. The furnace and the down flow gas duct adopt total welding membrane water cooling wall structure, which has the features of good sealing, less heat losses, and clean. H6AHorizontal boiler
3. Air pre-heater and economizer adopt case structure that can ensure them be transported in package, to shorten installation period and strengthen the seal ability of the fuel gas duct. H6AHorizontal boiler
4. There is flag pattern heating surface before the high temperature super heater, so the high temperature ability of the super heater can be ensured, meanwhile, the super heater can be operated in the serious fuel gas environment stably.H6AHorizontal boiler
5. The cross girder grate is adopted, so it has the features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate, less fuel leak. And the grates are made by the first class professional manufacture.H6AHorizontal boiler
6. The fuel is sprayed to the furnace, which can ensure the layer combustion and suspending combustion, thus the combustion efficiency is enhanced.H6AHorizontal boiler
7. It adopts sectional boiler setting so that the total weight of the boiler is lighter.H6AHorizontal boiler
8. The fuel of this boiler is only straw or other kinds of biomass material, so the slat of the boiler can be used as fertilizer to agriculture. And it is a high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly product.H6AHorizontal boiler
H6AHorizontal boiler
- See more at: http://www.zbghorizontalboiler.com/Biomass-fired-corner-tube-boiler.htmlH6AHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 116MW Corner tube hot water boiler in the heating company?

A: We need know the details of 116MW Corner tube hot water boiler in the heating company, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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