10 psi steam boilers for sale in Pakistan

10 psi steam boilers in Pakistan is a well know boilers in Pakistan market, 10 psi boilers widely sale in Pakistan industry, especially in textile industry, food industry as well as for urban central heating. 10 psi steam boilers manufacturer-ZG provide 10 bar, 10 psi and 10 ton capacity boilers for sale in Pakistan. Below introduction 10 psi steam boilers.SJwHorizontal boiler

10 psi steam boilers for saleSJwHorizontal boiler

10 psi steam boilerSJwHorizontal boiler

10 psi steam boiler for sale:

10 psi steam boiler for sale is a closed vessel in which water is heated. The heated water exits the boiler for use in various process or heating applications.The pressure vessel in a boiler is usually made of steel, or historically of wrought iron. Stainless steel is virtually prohibited for use in wet parts of modern boilers, but is used often in super heater sections that will not be exposed to liquid boiler water. In live steam models, copper or brass is often used because it is more easily fabricated in smaller size boilers. Historically, copper was often used for fireboxes (particularly for steam locomotives), because of its better formability and higher thermal conductivity; however, in more recent times, the high price of copper often makes this an uneconomic choice and cheaper substitutes are used instead.10 psi steam boiler for sale has below applications:SJwHorizontal boiler

10 psi steam boiler for sale usage:

a.Chemical: polymerization, condensation, distillation, concentration, evaporation, fusionSJwHorizontal boiler
b.Petrochemical: rectification, heating, thermal insulationSJwHorizontal boiler
c.Plastic&Rubber: hot-press, calender, extrusion, vulcanization molding, artical leather, manufactureSJwHorizontal boiler
d.Textile staining: heat setting, dry, curingSJwHorizontal boiler
e.Fiber: polymerization, fusion, mould pressing, thermosetting, extension, drySJwHorizontal boiler
f.Central heating: school, hotel, restaurant, hospital etcSJwHorizontal boiler

10 psi steam boiler for sale features:

1. Reliable three-pass and wet back structure.SJwHorizontal boiler
2. Lateral-cut tube technology: increase heat efficiency.SJwHorizontal boiler
3. Big combustion room design: increase radiated area, decrease emission of NOx, and reduce boiler cubage.SJwHorizontal boiler
4. Big flue gas tube: lessen the resistance of smoke flow and use of electricity.SJwHorizontal boiler
5. Intelligent control system: PLC and 5.7 touch panel, multi-level protections.SJwHorizontal boiler
6. Fiberglass heat preservation: low surface temperature and also heat loss.SJwHorizontal boiler
7. Corrugated hearth: more safety and increase heat convection.SJwHorizontal boiler
8. Multi-level sealing for flue death chamber: no flue gas leakage.SJwHorizontal boiler
9. Each boiler is susceptible to strict inspection and testing before delivery, including hydraulic pressure testing and X ray inspection.SJwHorizontal boiler

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Q: How much the price of 10 psi steam boilers for sale in Pakistan?

A: We need know the details of 10 psi steam boilers for sale in Pakistan, for example cpacity, pressure, etc, water tube boiler cost, please contact online service by click here

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